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We hate having ads on our website, but they’re the sponsors who help pay our stupid-expensive server bills every month. So we developed a way to…

1) Remove the ads.
2) Show you all the crazy pics we get sent that we can’t post on our public website.
3) Build an elite community of yoga pants connoisseurs.
4) Give you an honorary seat on the GIYP Board of Directors.
5) Keep our web servers online.

…and more. All for under ten bucks a month.

What you get:

Exclusive Content

We often receive user-submitted content that we can’t use on the public website. See it all inside here.

Private Forum

Full access to our private forum loaded with exclusive content, with members of the yoga pants elite & our expert staff.

No More Ads

An advertisement-free version of GirlsInYogaPants.com. By joining, you are sponsoring this website and will no longer see any types of banner ads.

GIYP Board of Directors

Donating gets you an honorary seat on the GirlsInYogaPants.com board of directors* with a digital certificate. You can vote on important yoga pants-related issues, like which photos we receive are good enough to make it on the website.

Monthly Gift Giveaways

Every month on the 15th, one random member will be chosen to win a gift like a GIYP t-shirt, a GIYP thumb drive bottle opener, or others.

Superb Support

You have a direct line to our small, passionate staff for any website or yoga pants-related questions you may have.

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Limited time only: One dollar 2-day trial

Let’s review the situation: You like us, we like you, you want to sign up, but you wanna see what’s in it for you first. Well, you’re in luck. Try it for the next 2 days for ONE DOLLAR right now. You can cancel any time.


Sponsorship plans:


  • $9.99
    per month
  • Sponsor GIYP on a monthly basis.
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  • $7.49
    per month
  • Most-popular option.
  • Sponsor GIYP twelve months at a time.
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  • $1.00
    /2 days
  • Cancel any time.
  • Every dollar counts towards the GIYP operation!
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  • $299.97
  • For the elite yoga pants connoisseur!
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Mission Statement

Our goal is to create the most elite, private community of yoga pants connoisseurs on the web, loaded with exclusive content. This members section will evolve over time to the members’ wants and needs, and our small staff will provide the best support & service we can at all times. As an honorary Board Member of GirlsInYogaPants.com, you’ll have Illuminati-style influence over the website and thus the yoga pants movement as a whole.

This blog brought yoga pants to internet fame back in 2010 when we launched, and we typically rely on advertisers as sponsors to cover our web server bills. This option gives you, the user, the ability to become a sponsor of Girls In Yoga Pants, and get some cool stuff along with it. We hope you enjoy this new project and have fun inside!

Questions before you sign up?

We’re happy to help! Send us a message and let us know what’s on your mind.

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*Note: There are no actual duties or responsibilities on the “board of directors,” but we encourage you to participate in Board Room votes. :)